Business Watch

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Business Watch Outline

Business Watch is administered by the South Australia Police within a strategic partnership with concerned business groups. The program can be implemented both in geographically defined areas, such as a shopping centre or commercial precinct, and on an industry by industry basis.

Business Watch has a dual application. The program aims at assisting member businesses to improve business security, premises target hardening and building resilience against frauds, thefts and other similar crimes through training and the supply of timely and accurate information to business proprietors and operators. The second, consequential application is the flow on safety aspects for clients and customers of member businesses.

Strategic focus of business watch

The strategic focus of Business Watch shall be the enhancement of community safety through the problem solving approach to crime.

Business watch website

Take a browse at the Business Watch website for further information:

SABA Business Watch Seminars for SABA Members:

Meetings are conducted regularly with the neighbourhood watch group, and specific meetings for Business Watch are conducted with SABA Members as the need arises, with local issues discussed, as well as situation specific advisement and resources.