Goolwa was granted Cittaslow status on 12 March 2007

This event was markedwith a town celebration.

Cittaslow (pronounced "CHITTA-slow") is an Italian idea developed from the "slow food" movement. Cittaslow towns identify what is important and special about that town and its surrounding area and put in place strategies to preserve their unique qualities, promote sustainability and make life better for everyone.


  • It's about identifying the traditions, especially traditional food and methods of cooking in the area - like our Goolwa cockles, Coorong mullet and mulloway and the Ngarrindjeri traditions.
  • It's about looking at the history of a district and the important buildings and historical locations and making sure that they are identified, preserved and maintained.
  • It's about putting in place environmentally sustainable processes to provide citizens with clean air and water and farming the land preferably in an organic way.
  • It's about waste management and encouraging recycling, composting and reusing.
  • It's about education concerning food, where is comes from, how it's grown, what's in it, how it's processed and how it should be used.
  • It's about encouraging a town to establish businesses that use local products and crafts and build on traditions, like our wooden boats here in Goolwa.
  • It's particularly about making it possible for everyone - visitors and residents alike - to take the time to slow down and enjoy what life has to offer.


On 1 August 2007 it was agreed that Cittaslow Goolwa should incorporate. The new constitution was accepted. A inaugural committee of management was elected and membership fees set.

Special interest groups meet regularly. The groups currently are:

  • Environment and Infrastructure
  • Food and Local Produce
  • Cittaslow Community Garden and Barrow
  • Events, Education, Fundraising, Publicity, Heritage, Tourism

For more information visit the Cittaslow Goolwa website.

Enquiries welcome anytime to Lyn Clark
President, Cittaslow Goolwa
8555 5801

33 Cadell Street

Refer to the Cittaslow website in Italy - 
Cittaslow UK -

Cittaslow activities in Goolwa have been supported financially by:
Alexandrina Council
Goolwa Lions Club
Rotary Club of Goolwa