2017 Customer Service Awards

Posted on May 22, 2017

This year, The SABA Customer Service Awards and the Cittaslow Awards were held at the Fleurieu Function Centre, Barrage Rd, Goolwa, at 7:00pm.

The night got off to a great start with a welcome By the SABA President, Andrew Stewart. The MC for the evening, Ashley porter- Editor of ‘Coast Lines’, then took over to give all a run-down of the venue, basic info, and the important bit for early on- announced that our entree and soup was about to be served.

Attending dignitaries included Federal member for Mayo- Rebekha Sharkie, State member for Hammond- Adrian Pederick, Councillors Stewart & Lume, as well as Presidents of both SABA and Cittaslow Goolwa.

After tasting the initial offerings from the venue, the Cittaslow awards were presented and awarded by the Cittaslow President, Margaret Gardner.

Recipients were: Olaf Hansen, Gareth Andrews, Port Elliot Patchworkers, Goolwa Farmers Market, Mundoo Island Station, and Karen Ross.

The President of SABA then introduced and gave out certificates of nomination to the 15 individuals and 15 businesses that had been selected out of the hundreds of nominations received.

After the main course of our meal, Rebekha Sharkie gave a 15 minute informative speech on small business- her experiences, statistics, importance of, as well as some offerings available that can help small businesses employ more workers in the future.

Andrew Stewart then took over again and read out the top 5 individuals in business whilst Cr. Lume presented them with a framed certificate each.

Top 5 nominees were: Angelique Cowley (Loveday Spa), Chris Ramsey (Wharf Barrel Shed), Jacqui Aylesbury (South Coast Lending), Naomi Thiel (Wharf Barrel Shed), & Steve Ramsey (Wharf Barrel Shed).

Andrew continued and read out the top 5 Businesses, whilst Cr. Stewart presented each with a framed certificate.

Top 5 Businesses were: Be Fit To Live, Foodland Goolwa, Loveday Spa, Mundoo Island & Coorong Tourism, & South Coast Lending.

Again we delved into the venues delicious offerings- this time the 3rd and final course- desert.

Our MC had provided continual support and introductions, and his short humorous interludes continued. The MC now introduced the final part of the evening, and gave us some background on our Judges- Vicki and Bob Plummer, who had sorted through the hundreds of SABA nominations to get the selected 15, top 5, and single winner in the individual and business classes.

President Andrew Stewart again took to the stage one final time, to announce the overall winners. Starting with the individual in business, Rebekha Sharkie and Adrian Pederick both presented the winner’s trophy to: Angelique Cowley (Loveday Spa).

Next came the Business winner, again presented with the winner’s trophy by Rebekha & Adrian, to: Mundoo Island & Coorong tourism.

The evening officially wound up around 9:40, but many stayed on for photo opportunities, discussions, a few drinks and more congratulations.

A great evening was had by all, with everyone who was invited receiving praise for their efforts in Customer service throughout the last year.


Top 5 Businesses

South Coast Lending

Loveday Spa

Be Fit To Live

Foodland Goolwa

Mundoo Island & Coorong Tours


Top 5 Individuals

Angelique Cowley (Loveday Spa)

Chris Ramsey (Wharf Barrel Shed)

Jacki Aylesbury (South Coast Lending)

Steve Ramsey (Wharf Barrel Shed)

Naomi Thiel (Wharf Barrel Shed)


Cittaslow Awards


Sally & Colin Grundy (Mundoo Island Tours)

Jane Williams & Paul Bushell (Cittaslow Goolwa Farmers Market)

Jeanette Coombes  (Pt Elliot Patchworkers)

Karen Ross


Business Winner: Mundoo Island & Coorong tourism.


Individual Winner: Angelique Cowley (Loveday Spa)